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What tools can businesses use to help protect their travelling employees?

How can Travel Management Companies help protect your travelling employees?

With many organisation’s now implementing travel risk management programmes to support their “duty of care” requirements from a moral and legal perspective, a key question when reviewing this is, how can a travel management company deliver services directly and immediately to employees in an emergency wherever in the world? 

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Developments in technology have allowed businesses to track their employees through employee location management tools also known as Traveller Tracking software (GPS-enabled tracking and smartphone apps)These travel technology advances provide security, Risk, travel and HR managers with the ability to quickly locate and communicate with employees around the world in real time during an emergency or security incident. 

From an employee’s perspective, the individual is registered on a communication platform before they travel as part of a travel risk programme. This means they can access information relevant to the country they are conducting business as well as receiving real-time alerts should an incident occur. 

But what are the key areas needing to be addressed and delivered when reviewing your travel risk management process, from technology to service? And how will having these measures in place benefit an organisation / Travel Risk Manager.   

  • Smartphone apps 

It’s well worth looking into if your Travel Management Company has GPS-enabled Mobile application software to ensure your business can track its travelling employees’ whereabouts, giving employers the ability to communicate with team members in the event of an emergency. 

  • Online Risk portal 

Having a web-based feature provides organisations with an instant and ongoing management of travel risk exposure for both the business and traveller 

  • Risk area “Heat map technology 

Heat Map Technology enables travel risk managers / businesses to quickly view the global whereabouts of their travellers in a single view whilst being able to understand if their employees are in a high, medium and low risk area 

  • Consultancy advice 

Having a business travel provider who consults your business on not only the latest technology developments relating to both duty of care and risk management but providing advice/strategies to manage everything more effectively. 

  • Real time travel alerts.  

The delivery of real-time and relevant “alert” notifications from credible sources including foreign office advice, airline updates and news items can help to warn business travellers of any potential disruptions, whether that be strike updates or weather warnings.  

  • Future travel reports. 

Businesses need to ensure that not only real time trips are tracked by rick management software, but also future up and coming trips are located (especially when travelling to high-risk destinations) 

  • Processes  

With the help of a credible suppliers, organisations can be supported with a review of current processes. From how a business initially makes booking to full review of travel guidelines, with analysis of weak points in any travel risk processes. 


Do you have reservations / queries your current Duty of Care procedures, or want more information on how to implement a Travel Risk Program? If so, just let us know and we will be happy to help you further.  

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