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Top Business Travel Destinations for 2019

Business Travel Destinations 2019

What a year it has been…

Whilst 2019 has brought many highs for the UK, there has also been many events which history won’t look back so fondly on, such as timetable disruptions on the railways and of course the ongoing political turmoil and uncertainty for businesses caused by the UK’s departure from the European Union.

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Despite the ups and downs, life (and business) goes on, and 2020 looks set to be another record-breaking year for the number of people travelling abroad to conduct business.

Below we list our clients most visited Top 10 Business Destinations for 2019….


Amsterdam is the business and financial capital of the Netherlands. It was also the 2017 venue for the Business Travel Summit, this ever-popular event within the business travel industry features inspirational speakers, informative training sessions on numerous topics, and the opportunity to meet various exhibitors.

Whether you’re travelling for Business and wanting a bit of “Bleisure” time or travelling for leisure purposes, there are plenty of places to visit in Amsterdam.

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Top Industries: Electronics, chemical industry, automobile industries (trucks, cars, parts), shipping, agriculture, horticulture, service industries, banking.


Manchester is one of the most vibrant and welcoming cities in the UK. The “Gateway to the North”, Manchester is known throughout the world as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, and has a proud history in science, politics, music, arts and sport.

Known as the “original modern city” Manchester has an abundance of bars, restaurants, shopping facilities and leisure activities for business travellers to spend a bit of “Bleisure time” in between meetings.

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Top Industries: research, manufacturing and advanced engineering, energy and environment, financial, professional and business services, creative, digital and technology.


Despite the threat of Brexit looming large, London is still and will most probably always be one of the biggest business destinations in the world. As well as being the financial capital of Europe with hubs in both ‘the city’ and Canary Wharf, London is known across the globe for its entrepreneurial Spirit, deep history and technological innovations.

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Top Industries: Financial services, Tourism, Creative Services, Technology.


The capital of Ireland offers a mix of old and new, with long-standing investment banks sitting alongside fresh start-ups specialising in digital and tech development.

As well as already being a top destination for business, a recent poll of firms looking to leave the UK as a result of Brexit found Dublin is the most popular choice for relocation.

Top Industries: Financial services, Digital Services, Creative Services



Dusseldorf is a city of expansive innovation and growth, recently gaining a reputation as a centre of industry. Its highly popular with start-up companies and high-profile fashion, media and communication brands. With cutting-edge architecture and a booming arts scene both above and below ground, the capital of the of the North-Rhine Westphalia state is fast becoming one of Germany’s most lively metropolises.

Top Industries:  fashion, commerce and creative industries.


Copenhagen is considered the world’s most liveable city and one of the best places to conduct business. It’s home to the global shipping conglomerate Maersk. It always ranks highly in surveys of the world’s best cities, and we can see why! Its size certainly helps, it’s big enough to have world-class museums, restaurants and attractions but small enough to make them easily accessible. Blending quaint and cool it’s a great backdrop to a business meeting.

Top Industries:  fashion, Life Sciences, Transport & Logistics, ICT, Creative Industries, Food & Additives, Construction


Munich is one of Europe’s undisputed business powerhouses. Home to headquarters of some of the world’s largest finance, media, publishing and manufacturing corporations, Munich offers fantastic infrastructure coupled with an extremely high standard of living…an exciting place to do business.

Top Industries:  automotive, chemicals, metals such as iron and steel, electrical equipment, coal, ships, machine tools, high precision equipment, optics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and plastic goods.


There are few other destinations that excite a business traveller like a trip to the French capital. In 2011 a record 88 million travellers passed through the city’s Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports, and today the City of Light remains the world’s most visited city, with nearly half of those visitors (45%) there on business.

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Top Industries: Automobiles. Energy, Food and drugstores, Luxury Goods, Fashion and Cosmetics, Internet and telecommunications, Media and entertainment.


Home to one of the largest Airports in Europe and boasting the best connections to other modes of transport than any other European Airport, it’s no wonder business travellers are flocking to do business in Frankfurt. Home to the headquarters of the European Central Bank, alongside Dublin, Frankfurt is set to become an even bigger business and finance destination following Brexit.

If you are travelling to Frankfurt on business, be sure to check out our Business Travellers Guide to Frankfurt

Top Industries:  Financial services, Telecommunications, Creative services

Which is your favourite destination from our list? Have you visited any in 2019? Leave your comments in the box below!

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