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Top must have travel gadgets & apps for 2017

Top must have travel gadgets & apps for 2017

Technology, with the rise of bigger and better computing systems, increased data storage facilities, artificial intelligence and applications that can gauge and track your next move, it's no wonder that technology is completely transforming the amount of content available within the business travel sector.

As technology becomes more developed within the industry, we  take a look at the top must have travel gadgets and apps for 2017...


#1 Bluesmart Black Edition Suitcase

Aimed at making travel less stressful and more connected. Bluesmart’s fleet of “smart luggage”. When trying to successfully pack for your next business trip you’ll need adequate space for your belongings and this does not disappoint, offering a whopping 34 litres of packing space. Four smooth ultra quiet wheels for seamless movement along airport walkways, and a weather resistant hard shell exterior the suitcase is aesthetically pleasing.

But what sets this piece of luggage apart from the others?

The company website states the product as “more than a suitcase, a personal travel assistant.”  Boasting a USB charging port for firing your devices on the go, location tracker (no more lost luggage!), digital scale and remote lock, the Black Edition is packed with technology to see you into 2017.


#2 Masterlock Bluetooth Smart 4400 Padlock

Keeping your possessions safe is paramount when travelling on business. Laptops containing sensitive data, mobiles and your personal belongings need to be kept secure at all times. But what happens when your worst nightmare is realised, when your key has been left behind... or you have forgotten the combination for your lock? By using Masterlock’s Bluetooth Smart 4400 Padlock, you will find yourself shying away from resorting to using the bolt cutters.

So how does it work?  By downloading the bespoke app to your smartphone, the padlock will open with the simple press of a button when it comes into the vicinity of your smartphone. You can set up a manual code as a backup if your phone loses power, and what's great is that the padlock can be used indoors and outdoors, meaning the lock can be used at home too.


#3 Airscale Portable Luggage Scale

Overpacking can be a nightmare, especially when you run the risk of extra charges by exceeding your weight allowance. Remove the time spent attempting to weigh your luggage on the scales back at home and alleviate the risk of inaccurate home measurements by purchasing the Airscale Portable Luggage Scale.

The Airscale works like most traditional hand luggage scales (but with a clever twist),  a detachable strap can be hooked up to a piece of luggage and by lifting the luggage using the scale you’ll get a readout of how much it weighs. What's more is that the scale has a large battery capacity and can also be used to charge pieces of equipment on such as tablets and smartphones.



#1 Flight Speak App

Picture the’re running late for your flight and rushing to the airport and all you can think about is how long is the security line is going to take. With the Flight speak app, you can answer that question leaving the only thing to worry about being your sprint through the airport and making the plane on time!

#2 AroundMe App

The AroundMe app, allows the user to search for the nearest restaurants, banks, hospitals or petrol stations - especially useful when travelling on business. Wherever you are in the world, AroundMe works by using your location data, by using this you can bring up a written list of “nearest places” that  you may find useful. You can also drop location pins on specific spots, which link through to the relevant google details (opening hours, reviews and more).

AroundMe can also display in a virtual capacity , by pressing an icon on the display whilst holding your smartphone up will allow you to view the location and nearby attractions on screen in a virtual environment. VR (virtual reality) is really taking its place within the business travel sector, with leading tech company Sabre released their ‘Technology Report - 3 Trends to watch out for’ last week with VR being one of their main trends to keep an eye on.


Wherever you are on business, make sure you are prepared for any occurrence. A good travel management company will have all of your travel arrangements in place, with sufficient duty of care requirements taken care of, but when it comes to your personal items some of the above pieces of tech could be really useful for the frequent business traveller.

We’d love to hear what your invaluable travel gadgets or applications you use when travelling.  Please comment in the box below.

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