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Top Tips for travelling with your boss

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Travelling for business is sometimes challenging, but travelling with your boss adds additional pressure and opportunities to ruin a lot of previously put in hard work on your reputation. Here are our tips on how to ensure your next business trip with your boss goes without a hitch!

#1 Be punctual, organised and prepared for action

Being on time is good practice for any businessman or woman but when travelling with your boss, it’s even more paramount. Not only will you look committed and less flustered, but you'll score brownie points with your superior. As well as being on time, having the organisational skills of an ant is also essential.Your travel management company will take care of the essentials when it comes to coprorate travel but knowing who? what?when? And why? will keep everyone focussed and on track. So pack like a pro, make those lists and set your alarm!  

#2 Appropriate Attire

This goes without saying, treat your business trip as if the outside world was your office. In my view, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed in these situations, but if unsure, approach your boss beforehand and ask what dress code they are planning to pack for the trip, smart casual? business wear? Having a clear understanding will help you avoid the unfortunate mishap of turning up to the airport in your flip-flops and shorts whilst your superior stands top to toe in their suit!

#3 Keep an eye on your drinking habits and respect boundaries

It's tempting to have a few extra drinks when travelling away on business, with plenty of opportunities both at the airport and on the flight to overindulge, especially on the alcohol front. Remember that you are on a business trip, and remain professional with a clear head at all times.

Top Tip - The pressurised air in the cabin makes a stronger reaction to alcohol occur meaning 3 drinks may feel like 5 or 6, so pace yourself! (See Cathay Pacific’s Betsy Beer brewed to be enjoyed at 35,000 feet)

#4 Discuss your priorities prior to your trip

You'll only be truly organised if you know what you are likely to be doing before your trip. Why not offer to create an itinerary for your boss, earning you precious brownie points with your super organisational skills as well as have a clear indication of how the trip will unfold. Being organised will help make sure you are fully prepared and can make sure you make a great impression.

#5 Most of all Enjoy!

Be confident and have a good time, after all, you are there to enjoy the experience of doing business internationally, but also the cultural experience too. You may have been given the option to visit somewhere you never thought you would, so we hope the above tips help you make a great impression on your next business trip.

Do you have any tips for travelling alongside your boss? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Just leave a comment in the box below.

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