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What are the 4 main Challenges of Marine and Offshore business travel?

What are the 4 main Challenges of Marineand Offshore business travel?

When someone says they are travelling “on business” we imagine an Executive, suited and booted flying off to attend a meeting in a far flung city destination such as Singapore or New York.

However, since 90% of the world's goods and resources are transported by ships, there is a global army of ship’s crew and offshore workers who play a vital role in the world economy by spending lengthy periods of time at sea for us to benefit from all the modern-day commodities we rely upon.

For Ship Owners and Energy Companies, mobilising a vessel or rig cost thousands of pounds per day. Therefore, ensuring crew are in place, on time, anywhere around the world is paramount. It is a challenging business for the substantial number of operators and supply chain contractors ensuring the smooth and seamless movement of people all year round.

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Managing business travel requirements for this sector requires expertise, passion and knowledgeable teams who understand the importance of mission critical travel.

Here are just a few of the challenges our clients face daily:

#1 Crew Changes

Co-ordinating crew who reside all over the globe to board a vessel on a specified day and time is no mean feat. A Marine Travel specialist has the knowledge and systems to provide clients with the most logical and cost-effective options. Forward planning is key, knowing what day of the week client’s crew changes take place and forewarning them of any potential disruptions in advance, is just one key benefit of working with a Marine Travel specialist.

#2 Flight Availability

In this fast-paced sector, changes to plans are the only constant! So, it is the norm for a client to instruct mobilisation of personnel with a limited time frame. This is where expertise and knowledge on routes and fares is key ensuring crew arrive in place on time. Our experts are adept at securing last- seat availability combined with the ability to “hold off” seats whilst waiting on a client’s go ahead to confirm the booking. In addition to air travel, sourcing accommodation and ground transportation globally together with providing advice on visas and vaccinations all form part of a seamless service.

#3 Weather Disruptions

As the latest news reports have shown, tropical storms and hurricanes can cause utter havoc around the world, causing airports to ground airplanes and vessels to change course. It is a paramount for a travel management company to offer a 24-hour service to efficiently re-book crew to a new destination or confirm emergency accommodation.

Having crew traveller profiles at our fingertips enables us to react quickly to every emerging situation and provide the best duty of care to our client’s personnel.

#4 Cost of Travel

Keeping the cost of crew travel within budget is paramount for the Marine sector. A Marine Travel specialist will have access to a global database of Marine and Offshore fares, which offer complete flexibility and an increased baggage allowance, ideal for crew who are offshore for lengthy periods of time. A good business travel agent will also source all viable options from a wide range of sources including low cost carriers enabling clients to make an informed choice.

For further information on Good Travel Management's marine and energy travel services, feel free to download our Marine and Energy Travel Toolkit and get in touch:

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