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What are the corporate traveller must-haves when travelling for business?

What are the Corporate Traveller's must-haves when travelling for business

When it comes to business travel, regular road warriors have to be prepared before, during and after their trip. Whether that includes packing like a pro, being prepared when travelling with their boss or organising workloads ready for their return.

We organise thousands of business trips a year for our clients and with this is in mind, I tried to find out what extra services/must-have our travellers wanted when travelling for business.

#1 Inflight WIFI

When it comes to on-board experiences, passengers have rated WiFi more important than food. CBR reported stats from an In-Flight Connectivity Survey conducted by Inmarsat and GfK, revealing that 54% of passengers said that broadband connectivity was more important than food (coming up as a top priority for only 19%).

British Airways revealed back in March 2018 that they would introduce high speed WiFi on board selected European aircraft/ flights by the end of June this year, before rolling it out across 90 per cent of its short haul fleet by 2019.

On-board WiFi is common on long haul flights, and is already offered by carriers including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Etihad, KLM and many more.

#2 Fast Track

Getting through immigration and security checks are often a great source of frustration for our travellers, and many now speed up their journey through the airport with Fast Track. Fast Track offers an exclusive lane through passport control and baggage checks, getting travellers airside or back through immigration faster, speeding and easing up the process so you can continue your onward journey more quickly.

Benefit of Fast Track include:

  • An exclusive lane, dedicated to you
  • Limited to just 50 passengers per hour
  • Available to passengers of all airlines and classes of travel
  • No waiting, no fuss

Ideal for:

  • Business travellers
  • Long-weekend holiday makers
  • Anyone travelling with hand luggage only

Your dedicated business travel consultant can book this service for you, should you use a Travel Management Company.

#3 Loyalty Programmes

Business travellers who travel frequently will use the same choice of Hotels and Airlines when booking for their next trip, whether that be with their travel management company (TMC) or booking for themselves.This is down to two reasons - convenience and preference.

Completely free to join, corporate reward schemes give your business reward points for the flights you book that are redeemable against air ticket costs and upgrades, or in some cases other travel products such as hotels, lounge access or car rental.

A good travel management company will provide a dedicated account manager, who will manage these supplier relationships, by securing further discounts and adding value to the client's travel policy.  An account manager will also supply management information providing valuable insight into your business travel activity, letting you know how much you have spent with which suppliers and why.

#4 Luggage free travel

Imagine travelling to and from the airport and not having to check in or wait for any luggage. Arriving at your destination to find everything you need waiting for you when your arrive at your accommodation. Luggage free travel is a relatively new concept within the business travel industry with Door to Door baggage shipping companies such as DUFL paving the way for hassle free luggage options in the US and Japan.

#5 Priority Passes for lounge access

Regardless of the airline, priority passes for lounge access can help business travellers gain access to more than 1200 lounges worldwide turning the airport experience from an endurance into an indulgence, especially during peak holiday times when airports can become quite chaotic. These are especially useful when travel bookers or employers are booking their business travellers on different airline options for every trip.

#6 Healthier business travel

Keeping on tracks with eating healthily can be difficult for anyone travelling when you are constantly eating on the move, in a hurry and often at places you wouldn’t normally choose. Being a business traveller “on a diet” can be even more difficult, with eating habits changing erratically, but believe it or not it is possible to eat well whilst travelling (we have some top tips HERE)

Being healthy on the road includes the mind, body and spirit, but if you regularly book travel do you know how happy or unhappy your business traveller are?  Traveller wellbeing and employee happiness are topics receiving much attention of late, as companies strive to minimise the adverse effects of business travel.Ultimately communication is paramount and the best way to figure out how your travellers feel is to ask them.

#7 Bleisure

“Bleisure” is a prominent topic within the business travel industry, so by now, you should be fully aware of the concept. But if not, “Bleisure” relates to the concept of adding leisure days to the beginning or end of a business trip.

There are many advantages to both the company and the employee when allowing bleisure trips (we have another blog here explaining these benefits) but how do you incorporate bleisure into your business travel policy? There are four stages to implementing a business travel policy fit for bleisure, from communication and making Travel Managers fully aware, to officially launching.  For tips on how to make your business travel policy fit for “Bleisure” click Here.

So there you have it! What must haves do you need when travelling for business? Let us know in the comments below.

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