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What do business travellers really want from a travel management company?

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Business travellers have the important task of booking, travelling, getting prepped and ready for their meeting/engagement whilst ensuring every decision they make is within budget/company regulation.  Most savvy business travellers assign a Travel Management Company to take over the time consuming task of booking all aspects of their travel for less complication. From the origins of each booking, to  final check out, enhancing the productivity of each business trip is paramount, so the little things can go a long way.

We take a look at what business travellers really want from their TMC to ensure their next trip goes without a hitch...

#1 Personalised Service

Using a TMC with a team of experienced consultants, that provide a personalised service makes all the difference.Having a dedicated consultant just a phone-call/ quick email away proficient in exploring a range of fares and giving the best alternatives, will leave the traveller with peace of mind that their business travel choices are being taken care of, so they don't have to. This relationship with a TMC will leave the traveller feeling like their travel team is part of their own organisation, leaving him/her safe in the knowledge that their travel has been enhanced to maximise the value of their travel spend.

#2 Bespoke Solutions

From this type of personable service, comes bespoke solutions. A TMC will not only save time by providing the traveller with an ideal travel solution, but will team this with their company's travel policy. They will use their knowledge and expertise to ensure the traveller makes the best choices for his or her business trip tailoring to their specific needs.

#3 Innovative Travel Technology

A good travel management company will combine personal service with innovative technologies to assist with all business travel needs. Whether that be a mobile application for travellers to view details of their current, future and past itineraries, traveller tracking solutions, or an SMS text messaging service providing them with their confirmation details when out on the road and without computer access. These smart travel tech provisions ensure the traveller has access to all information whenever and wherever they maybe.

#4 Assistance  

When an unfortunate situation happens, having a TMC on hand is essential to a business with travelling employees to help fulfil its duty of care responsibilities, . Whether that be from a 24hr our of hours team providing support to a business traveller when they need it, travel alert/disruption service, to crisis management- defining a plan to get a traveller home if they need to whilst ensuring everyone is kept in the loop on the travellers well being. Knowing a TMC has all duty of care aspects taken of gives the traveller peace of mind that they are supported 24 hours a day.

If you are a business traveller and do not have a Travel Management company in place to take care of your business travel needs, consider whether you need a TMC... by reading our Blog: Does your business need a Travel Management Company? by clicking here

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