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Why Airbus A380’s are here to stay following their pandemic storage.

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The world’s largest aircraft, the double-deck Airbus A380, is coming back from Covid hibernation.

Although Airbus was due to end production of this huge aircraft this year, Good Travel Management travellers will continue to have the pleasure of flying in this amazing aircraft, at least until the mid-2030’s - this according to Emirates, whose fleet of 115 A380’s is the largest in the world.

Both Lufthansa and Air France have withdrawn their A380’s which, due to it's size, can only achieve economies of scale by flying busy, high volume, routes. Over the years Emirates has developed its Dubai base into the major pivotal global hub at the crossroads between east and west, tapping into many important traffic flows, such as UK to Australasia and UK to the Indian sub-continent. Having grounded most of its A380’s during the pandemic, Emirates will be returning these aircraft to full service over the coming months.

Equally confident in its fleet of A380’s, British Airways will begin phasing back its fleet from pandemic storage in November, when they will be introduced initially on European routes, probably Heathrow-Frankfurt and Heathrow-Madrid, creating a unique opportunity for shorter haul travellers to sample this unique aircraft. In December BA will also reintroduce A380’s on its routes from Heathrow to Miami, Dubai, Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles – full details will be available from your GTM Business travel consultant.

Qatar Airways will also be restoring its A380’s to service in December after a two-year break, with two daily flights between Doha and Heathrow – and one between Doha and Paris CDG, all offering connections onward to Asia and Australia. Again, if these routes sound attractive to you and your organisation then please do contact your business travel consultant for more details.

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